So you were following a coding tutorial and somehow you got stuck in vi or vim.

Have no fear, you too can exit VI/VIM today.

  1. Hit your esc key, to enter NORMAL mode
  2. Type a colon :, putting you in Command Line Mode
  3. Type wq to save, :q! to exit without saving

psst… There’s other ways to exit vim too, for the pros in the room:

:q - "Please Quit, I already saved."
:wq! - "Save and quit, damnit!"
:x - "Save and Quit for me."
:exit - "Exit and save please."
ZZ - "Quit vim."

So as you can see, the developers knew that people would get stuck in vi/vim so they gave us 37.9 million ways to get out.

Have a great day, and long live vim!